New subscription plans will unlock new levels of bankable data, functionality, and analysis.

Tankers International, the world’s leading shipping pool for VLCCs, today announced an update, including a new subscription scheme, for its popular VLCC Fixture app.

This new subscription structure will provide even better functionality for app users and support market stakeholders in understanding current developments for the global VLCC fleet.
First launched in 2014, the Tankers International VLCC Fixture app is the only publicly available source of comprehensive fixture data for the global VLCC fleet and provides wider market access to data that was once only provided to a select few brokers. The app has received over 259,000 visits a month since it was re-launched in December 2021

Paid app subscribers will benefit from faster data updates and a suite of additional insights. Subscribers to the PLUS tier will benefit from additional information on bunker prices, fixing rates, laycan, demurrage, and commissions as well as a full breakdown of TCE calculations. PRO tier subscribers will additionally benefit from cargo forecasts as well as WhatsApp notifications. Users will also have an option to receive fixture data via an API feed to integrate into their own systems.

These improved features will allow users to integrate even more quality data and analysis into negotiations and strategic decision making, helping the VLCC market make better decisions that improve profit margins for app users and their stakeholders. The app’s BASIC tier will remain free and will continue to provide headline data on VLCC fixtures, but with some delay.

Charlie Grey, Chief Operating Officer, Tankers International, commented: “We recognise that the current market climate means that shipowners, charterers and brokers alike all need quality data, faster to support decision making. The new subscription options for our VLCC Fixture app have been designed to add even greater value and accessibility, including WhatsApp updates for top tier subscribers. By introducing these updates, we are both improving the app for users and, just as importantly, safeguarding the continued development of the app, helping us add even more functionality in the future.”

The newly launched version of the Tankers International VLCC fixtures App can be downloaded as an ‘in-browser’ app here.