Tankers International, the world’s leading shipping pool for VLCCs, today announced the launch of its new improved VLCC fixtures app. The latest version of the popular app delivers enhanced functionality and value to shipowners, charterers and brokers – reflecting increased demand for more intuitive, actionable fixture data.

First launched in 2014, the app is the only source of such comprehensive fixture data – otherwise only distributed to a select few brokers. Since its inception, the App has staggering usage levels; downloaded by more than 25,000 individual users including investors, brokers, charterers, and shipowners for complex forward planning that improves their profit margins.

The upgrades provide superior functionality, including an easier to navigate interface across different platforms, as well as improved search options based upon region, age, and operator-based data segmentation – making it quicker and easier to find the actionable information that users need.

The new app can be accessed directly from any web browser on any modern device, without first being developed for, and downloaded from any proprietary app store. This creates a smooth cross platform experience for users, and will allow Tankers International to more quickly and efficiently develop even more improvements in future. All previous and new users will be able to access core information provided by previous versions of the App for free, while enhanced paid for options will be available to subscribers.

Charlie Grey, Chief Operating Officer, Tankers International, commented: “It has been incredibly rewarding to see the app grow since it was first launched in 2014, and how it has demystified the VLCC market for shipowners, brokers, charterers, and investors. The new version of the app underpins Tankers International’s status as a leading hub for tanker knowledge, providing unique data and analysis that has real commercial value users.”

“At a time when great uncertainty persists in the tanker market, the reintroduction of the App with unique data and analysis is both timely and important, delivering operational advantages and real commercial value that can help users navigate changing dynamics and charterer requirements in the VLCC segment.”

The newly launched version of the Tankers International VLCC fixtures App can be downloaded as an “in-browser” app here.