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Why commit your vessels to the Pool?



To improve your cashflow and revenue

  • The Pool operates a transparent accounting system. Once sufficient working capital to cover your vessel(s) has accrued you can look forward to an immediate, and thereafter regular, distribution of income. So your cashflow is improved.
  • You benefit from our volume discount negotiations.
  • Revenue stability during volatile market conditions.



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To increase your performance

  • With a large Pool to draw from, scheduling performance is improved.
  • Downtime after dry-docking can often be reduced.
  • Waiting days are reduced.
  • Negotiations on demurrage claims can be complicated and costly. TI takes a firm but fair attitude to this subject and has an excellent record for achieving prompt settlement.
  • Notice periods for vessel sales are not prohibitive.



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To access more customers

  • Being part of the Pool allows you to service a greater range of customers.
  • Access to this business results in a higher laden versus ballast ratio for your vessels.
  • These relationships provide the Pool with improved market information resulting in superior forecasting and improved results. Such market information consists of only that which is available within the public domain and does not include market information which is confidential, or contains business secrets. The Pool endeavours to comply with all applicable competition laws.



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For fairer Charter Party terms

The Pool has negotiated a standard set of terms with many of our frequent customers which has increased efficiency and productivity during pre/post fixing as well as protecting individual Owners.



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For a detailed reporting system

The Pool's reporting system is very detailed and consists of regular market reports and earnings projection updates.



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