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Why use the TI Pool

High quality vessels

TI's fleet of double hull vessels is operated and maintained to the highest standards to ensure the safety of crew, cargo and protection of the environment.



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A wealth of experience

TI employs motivated, professional people at all levels.


  • Commercial teams in London and New York provide exemplary tanker chartering expertise.
  • Experienced post fixture operators, including Captains and Chief Engineers, monitor the progress of cargo from load to discharge. Unique post-fixture procedures focus on customer requirements.
  • All the above liaise closely with a Scheduler who oversees fleet allocation to ensure optimum use of vessels and a flexible and responsive service for customers.
  • Our Finance team ensures that transactions are processed and recorded accurately.
  • A dedicated IT team searches for ways to enhance systems, increase efficiency and guarantee that results from all voyages are trackable and transparent.
  • A research and project development department analyses, evaluates and disseminates market information.


The TI Team - dedicated to professional service.




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The benefits of partnership

TI is always looking for ways to improve its own performance and further enhance its service to its Customers. Partnerships, co-operation and development of new business opportunities are essential to the vitality and growth of the Pool.


  • Flexibility: With a large Pool of vessels to draw upon, the impact of operational delays can be lessened by substituting another Pool vessel. Many of the TI vessels are sisterships, making this a simple process. TI also acts as a charterer and will take in a substitute vessel from the spot market rather than compromise service to its customers.
  • Innovation: TI provides Customers with new solutions to meet their various transportation requirements. We pay particular attention to important considerations such as timing, accuracy, volume and dependency.
  • Pro-active partnership: TI can assist Customers by offering physical hedging on vessels, taking them back into the Pool where they will benefit from higher earnings. This can be combined with a contract of affreightment covering the cargo portfolio of the Customer. One stop shopping combining physical hedging with coverage of the cargo requirement.

When entering into a close long-term business association with TI, you are part of a mutually beneficial partnership. Customers who are already doing long-term business with TI confirm the extraordinary service level, fair business practices and high ethics provided by TI.


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An operation founded on cooperation and trust

Every facet of the Pool system is founded on co-operation and trust: between its participants, within its own operation and in the relationships it enjoys with its customers.


At TI we believe that fairness and professionalism are essential qualities of business and will ensure the continuing success and development of the Pool.



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