Tankers International
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How the Pool works




Tankers International Pool

...is a Pool of Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC).


Tankers (UK) Agencies Ltd

…has offices in London, New York and Singapore and is responsible for the commercial and post-fixture operation of the vessels in the TI Pool.


Pool Participants

...undertake to trade their qualifying vessels in the Pool and receive a share of the freights in accordance with the Pool Points allotted to each of their vessels. All commercial decisions are handled by the Pool's agent with the exception of any specific trading restrictions which Owners may stipulate. The TI Pool will always welcome new participants, provided they have proven high standards of ship management and their vessels meet the stringent criteria set for membership.


Pool Points

...are calculated for each vessel in the TI Pool and represent a vessel's theoretical earning potential relative to the rest of the Pool fleet. Pool Points are adjusted every six months to reflect changes to trading patterns, fleet composition, market level and bunker prices to ensure overall weighting remains fair.



Participants receive access via an extranet to weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports. Tankers (UK) Agencies Ltd prepare these reports with the objective of producing informative reports in a timely manner.

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